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February 14, 2017
September 1, 2018
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Tips to Save Energy in Kitchen

Wonder how to save energy and be smart chef ? Dont worry , here we have few cool tips to turn your smart kitchen to smarter . You have to follow the following tips to save energy .

  1.  Smart Cooking : Be a smarter chef and save energy . The foremost energy consumption in all kitchens is related to cooking ways. You can be using Gas , Fuel or Electric or any other fuel to cook your food. Saving fuel will not only help you save bucks but also environmental friendly. You can use sunlight to partially cook your food and then finish it with your conventional method. Always keep the lid of your utensils shut when you food rice, cereals, meat or other food which require long time to cook. Soften your cereals and other hard grains before you cook them. Use optimum amount of water when you have to boil food, eggs or grains, limit your water input . Do not overcook food. Overcooking food not only reduces nutritious value but also consumes more fuel. Another cool tip to save energy is to turn off your electric hob or gas chullah couple of minutes before the food is fully cooked, because the food will get cooked itself with heat inside the pan.
  2. Save Water Save Life : You have heard this rhyme millions of time. But you can actually practice it in your modular kitchen and make it smarter. Fix all the dripping taps , do not over use water for washing dishes . This way you can contribute in saving water for you and for coming generation.
  3. Cool Fridge Tips : Refrigerators are among the top energy hunger kitchen appliances. Generally, it remains turned on for 24*7 . So if you turn it off for 3-5 hour a day , then you can actually save 150 hours in one month. Be smart convert these hours into days , almost 10-12 days . You can turn this off in the morning 2-3 hours and  in the evening around 2 hours. So you will actually reduce power consumption by fridge by 33% . Want to save more ? Then do not put hot items in the fridge directly cool it first outside before placing it in the fridge, also do not open it frequently.
  4. Dish Washer : Dishwasher needs huge energy and water input. Use it judiciously . Do not use it for small lot of utensils. Make your modular kitchen energy safe.
  5. Smart Way to Use Oven : If you cook food frequently in oven, then clean the door . The reason is , when you cook in oven and need to inspect the cooking status then you have open the door and when you open the door , precious hot air is lost. This can be prevented by cleaning the door and inspecting the food while it is closed.

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